Air Roasting: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Care

If you consider yourself a coffee drinker (and let’s face it, who doesn’t nowadays?), you’ve probably heard of everything from pour over coffee to the french press. What the mainstream hasn’t quite sunk its teeth into, however, is our favorite way to roast coffee: With air. Not familiar with air roasting? We got you covered.

What is Air Roasted Coffee?

Air roasted coffee beans are roasted on a bed of hot air instead of the traditional method of tumbling the beans in a hot steel drum. Seems simple enough, right? Actually… not quite. Only a small fraction of the coffee served around the world is air roasted, but never fear: Here at Red Panda Coffee Co we are thrilled to be one of the few to offer Air-Roasted-Single-Origin coffee. Each of our products are created with you, the customer, in mind. So what makes air roasting so great? Glad you asked.

Percentage of Air Roasted Coffee
You've Likely Only Had Drum Roasted Coffee


4 Benefits of Air Roasting Coffee Beans

1. It’s Cleaner.

Air roasting removes the outer shell of the coffee bean, the chaff, and separates it from the rest of the beans during the roasting process. The drum method does not do this, which often leads to burnt chaffs that can contaminate the batch’s taste and roast level.

2. It’s Faster.

Air roasting coffee beans is exponentially faster than traditional drum roasting, as the heat is applied directly to the beans. Where drum roasting a batch of coffee beans could take up to 15 minutes, air roasting the same batch would take only between 5-8 minutes.

3. It Tastes Better.

When it comes to air roasting coffee, you are tasting the coffee itself, not the surface of the roaster. Air roasting allows the beans to take on a cleaner taste, removing the acidic and bitter flavors that a drum roaster can add.

4. It’s Consistent.

The Air roasting process allows each individual bean to be roasted to the desired level at a consistent and monitored temperature. There is no worry of scorching, burning or ruining the beans through this method, as there is in the traditional drum method.

Where Did Air Roasting Begin?

It all started with a man named Mike Sivetz. Originally a chemical engineer, Sivetz uncovered his love of coffee when he was hired to lead the design and building of two coffee plants in Nicaragua and Brazil. Unsatisfied with roasting methods thus far, Mike decided to create his own method from inside his own garage. Low and behold, this led to what we now know as the “fluidized bed roaster”, which was the first real breakthrough in the coffee industry in nearly a century. Boy, are we grateful for Mr. Sivetz!

We Get it, Air Roasting is Cool… But Why Red Panda Coffee Co.?

At Red Panda Coffee Co., our coffee is packaged directly from the roaster ensuring each bag is as fresh as possible! Our coffee, smells for itself! From the moment you open your box from Red Panda, you can smell the difference in our product. We offer a smooth taste free of bitterness and acidic flavors. Don’t believe us? Well, I guess you’ll have to try some yourself (wink, wink)!

For more information or to purchase your own bag of air roasted goodness, visit us at

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