Red Panda Coffee Co’s “Guatemala HueHuetenango”

Red Panda Coffee Co.’s Guatemalan coffee comes to you from the HueHuetenango region, one of Guatemala’s three non-volcanic regions. Grown between 1,650 - 1,800 feet, this medium/dark roast portrays a soft aroma and offers a full-body profile with a hint of sweetness. Want to learn more about this delicious blend and its whereabouts? We’ve got the low down.

Let’s Brush Up on our knowledge of Guatemala!

Guatemala is located in Central America and covers an area totaling 42,043 square miles. The name 'Guatemala' originates from the word meaning 'place of many trees'. About half of Guatemalans today are descendants of the ancient Mayans.

The major money-making industries in Guatemala today include:

  • Sugar

  • Textiles

  • Clothing

  • Chemicals

  • Furniture

Major exports from Guatemala include:

  • Meat

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Sugar

  • Coffee (Yay!)

  • Cardamom

What is the HueHuetenango Region of Guatemala? Some Quick Facts:

1. HueHuetenango is a city located in the highlands of western Guatemala.

  • The city is seated at the bottom of the Cuchumatanes Mountains, the tallest mountains in the country.

2. HueHuetenango is a major mining center producing:

  • Lead

  • Silver

  • Copper

3. Local Farmers in the area grow mostly subsistence crops. This consists of things like:

  • Wheat

  • Corn

  • Beans (yes, coffee!!)

  • Potatoes

How is Coffee Grown in the HueHuetenango Region?

HueHueTenango is extremely remote, which requires almost all producers to process their own coffee. Luckily, this region of Guatemala offers many rivers and streams that make it easier to set up coffee mills. There are a few requirements for growing coffee in this region, and they are as follows:

1. The Growing Altitude

  • The altitude for growing coffee in HueHuetenango begins at 1,350 feet.

2. Harvest Period

  • The months of harvest in HueHuetenango are January to April of each year.

What Does Coffee from HueHuetenango taste like?

The geographic conditions in this region of Guatemala aid in producing coffees with distinct flavors!

Our Guatemalan Coffee at Red Panda offers tasting notes of apple cider, roasted almonds, caramel and milk chocolate!

“The mission of Red Panda Coffee Co is to provide our community with high-quality single-origin coffee as well as contribute to the conservation and preservation of red pandas. For every coffee bag that’s sold, Red Panda Coffee Company donates 10% towards the Red Panda Network.”

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